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7 Life Thoughts

Recently, I went to an epic leadership retreat in Israel. I met a TON of neat people, and had some time to sit down and really think… Am I happy with what I’m doing? What am I not doing well? What do I want to change? I want...

16 Leadership Activities from Israel

2 years ago, I was at a dinner party when someone told me about a free business trip to Israel. Free?! Your boy couldn’t wait to sign up. The business trip was called the Schusterman REALITY Tech trip. It’s a one-week trip to Israel with 50 other people...

The “IRL channel” for acquisition and engagement

We’ve hard about Facebook ads, Google adwords – but today let’s talk about the “IRL Channel.” The IRL channel is an underappreciated advantage of companies that exist in the real world – Amazon Echo, Envoy, Lime, Uber, etc – that use constant in-real-life reminders to try...

How startups die from their addiction to paid marketing

[Originally tweetstormed at @andrewchen, Follow me for more!] Many of the biggest implosions in recent history – especially ecommerce – have been due to startups getting addicted to paid marketing while fooling themselves on Customer Acqusition Costs. As spend scales, it always gets more expensive and...

Proven Link Building Tactics for 2018

Google is pretty secretive about the precise nature of the signals that make up its algorithm, but one thing we do know is that while the search giant seems to be constantly striving to reduce the weight that links have in that algorithm, they’ve largely...